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Certified for quality standards:

  • AS 9100
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • PED 97 / 23 / EC

Meticulous Aerospace Industry Fabrication

The aerospace industry is booming despite many challenges — high fuel costs, globalization, more demanding consumer expectations, and supply chain compression. Aero-Flex Corp. helps a lot with the last one.

  • Fluid transfer spools
  • Rigid pipe assemblies
  • Straight and bent tubing assemblies
  • Hybrid flex-rigid components and assemblies
  • Flexible interlocking metallic hose assemblies

Aero-Flex Corp. has the personnel and equipment to produce any required fluid transfer spool. How’s this for experience? The Aero-Flex Corp. team includes individuals involved with the Advanced Fighter Aircraft (F-35), the Space Shuttle, and other notable private and military projects.


Components that will keep your aircraft flying

Versatile supplier

  • Military craft components
  • Space vehicle assemblies
  • Commercial plane engines
  • Land-based power turbines

Assemblies to transfer aircraft necessities

  • Air
  • Fuel
  • Gas and hydraulics
  • Coolant and lubricants

Superior aircraft components

  • Engineered to easily install and dampen vibrations
  • Efficient machining procedures enable a rapid response
  • Full range of alloys available for fabrication
  • Can produce independent components or complete assemblies

Aircraft on ground (AOG)

Replication is particularly useful to meet aircraft on ground (AOG) requirements. AOG is an aviation designation that indicates a craft can’t be flown safely without corrective maintenance. If repairs require a hard-to-find part, our AOG program will help you return sidelined planes back into service as quickly as possible.

Aero-Flex Corp.’s unique AOG service illustrates our value-added partnering with those of you in the aviation industry. We deliver similarly integrated solutions for corporate, military, and commercial operators.

Best of all, our AOG service teams provide emergency response to operators stranded anywhere. With AOG we can provide a fast turnaround of 24-48 hours if we have parts in stock.