To begin creation of your metal hose assembly, let’s start by pulling together some important information called STAMPED.

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In addition to the STAMPED parameters, there are other factors that should be considered:

  • Flow. Very high velocities may require the use of a liner
  • Additional protections (i.e. guards and covers)
  • Conformance to other standards
  • Physical space limitations
  • Enhanced life cycle requirements
  • Heat treatment
  • Special requests including hose constructions, attachment methods, fitting orientations, tolerances, testing, cleaning, packaging or documentation.
The S stands for size. This is the diameter of the fittings to be used on the assembly.
The T stands for temperature. This is the minimum and maximum temperatures to which the assembly will be exposed.
The A stands for alloy. Material of each assembly component. If the materials are not known, then both the media (along with their concentrations) that will be conveyed through the assembly as well as to which the assembly may be exposed.
The M stands for motion. Type of motion (bending, flexing, vibration, etc) with magnitude and frequency.
The P stands for pressure. Maximum pressure to which the assembly will be exposed, noting spikes, pulsation, and vacuum.
The E stands for End Fittings. Fitting types compatible with the hose and existing piping system.
The D stands for Developed Length. Overall length of the assembly. If the overall length is not known then the dimensions of the installation including all movements must be defined.