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Certified for quality standards:

  • AS 9100
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • PED 97 / 23 / EC

Proven Piping Systems

The world’s energy demand never stops growing. To meet it, energy companies are building more and more ground-based power stations. Those require trustworthy piping, which means they need Aero-Flex Corp.

We’re a top supplier to OEM Turbine Manufacturers, Power Plants and aftermarket customers that rely on high quality replacement parts and components. That’s because these plants deploy vast amounts of solid piping, flexible metallic piping, and hybrid combinations. By adhering to ISO 9001 quality management standards, Aero-Flex ensures its products are approved for use not just in the states, but worldwide.

Aero-Flex Corp. piping delivers fuel, coolant, and lubricants needed to drive power companies’ generators. More efficient energy sources like natural gas require piping for extraction, delivery, and production.


Easier production for compressed natural gas (CNG)

Aero-Flex Corp. products aren’t limited to the fixed and portable turbine-powered facilities that generate power from natural gas. We’re also in the forefront of creating piping for the emerging compressed natural gas market. CNG facilities compress natural gas at high pressure. Our pipes first deliver the resource, then contain the resulting vehicle fuel.

We build the right types of piping for CNG compressor facilities including:

  • Solid Piping Systems & Sub-Assemblies
  • Flexible Piping (Flex Hose)
  • Hybrid Assemblies (Pipe & Flex)

Aero-Flex Corp. aids the CNG production that benefits everyone

  • Converted for use in buses, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Plentiful resource increases energy supply and lowers cost
  • Inexpensive extraction and conversion creates extra savings
  • Domestic production reduces dependence on foreign oil