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Certified for quality standards:

  • AS 9100
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • PED 97 / 23 / EC

Versatile Fabrication and Assembly Services

Aero-Flex Corp. is a specialty manufacturer. We fabricate flexible and rigid metal hoses and assemblies for use in industries where precision matters. We can create separate parts or fabricate complete assemblies.

  • Complete process piping and tubing systems
  • Lightweight titanium high-strength assemblies
  • Corrosion-resistant Hasteloy® hose and tube assemblies
  • Flexible metal hoses for both high and low temperatures and pressures
  • Inconel® high-temperature-resistant hose and tube assemblies
  • High Pressure Flex Hose and piping assemblies

Read on to learn more about additional Aero-Flex Corp. services. What’s important to know is that we have the experience to produce, test, and service any precision-engineered product your company needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Build to Print

It’s increasingly challenging to perform every activity to manufacture your product in-house. To best utilize limited resources, 90% of all manufacturers outsource important functions. Often, that’s building the sophisticated equipment that actually produces the core product.

That’s why you need Aero-Flex Corp. Print out the plans you’ve engineered as well as any other documents we’ll need to completely fabricate all necessary parts or assemblies. If you must operate under regulatory guidelines, we’re already certified for strict quality control standards.

  • AS 9100 (Rev. C)
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • PED 97 / 23 EC

To ensure your 100% satisfaction, we operate under 5 principles:

  • You retain complete control over your product

  • We can work independently, but will consult with you closely
  • We secure plans and instructions in a document control system
  • AS9100 & ISO standards and procedures govern every step of production
  • We’ll use your approved sources for secondary processes or implement our own — whichever approach you prefer

Here’s the bottom line — when we’re finished, we’ll provide you with a fully fabricated, processed, assembled, and acceptance-tested part, product, or assembly. Simply bolt it in place and you’ll be good to go.

Overhaul and refurbishment services

Sometimes it’s overkill to fabricate new items. That’s why Aero-Flex offers the option to completely disassemble an existing unit or assembly. We’ll clean it, replace worn or damaged parts, re-apply protective finishes, and reassemble it precisely. After all that, we perform full acceptance testing to ensure the refurbished unit meets or exceeds your expectations and requirements.

Aero-Flex Corp. also reverse engineers units needing repair. If parts are no longer available, we can probably fabricate a required replacement. That lets you use a critical product beyond its typical lifespan.

Component and assembly replication

Aero-Flex stocks a large supply of tube, pipe, hose and fittings made in different sizes from a variety of alloys. From these, we can quickly duplicate a sample assembly, even if it no longer functions. We’ll bend, cut, weld, and test almost any assembly designed for reliable fluid or gas transmission — low pressure, high pressure, gas, fuel, water, hydraulic, refrigeration, and so on.

For highly specialized materials and fittings, we enjoy close relationships with suppliers who can send nonstandard materials via overnight delivery. However, if that part isn’t available anywhere, our machining capabilities allow us to fabricate our own.

Engineering solutions

Few organizations can go it completely alone. That’s why Aero-Flex Corp. leverages its engineering resources to tailor custom solutions to the companies and organizations that depend upon working machinery.