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Aero-Flex: Your Best Source of 1 Wire Braid

There are situations in any manufacturing plant where a simple rubber hose will not work or will prove to be a workplace hazard. You can water your garden with a rubber hose, but extreme temperatures will either burn or freeze most plastics. High pressures may cause a hose to burst and most plastic or rubber hoses will contaminate high and ultra-high vacuum environments because hydrocarbons from the exposed hose will evaporate under vacuum conditions.

Metal piping systems designed by Aero-Flex Corporation, based in Jupiter, Florida, is one alternative to hoses exposed to harsh industrial conditions. Such assemblies, however, are not flexible and if attached to a moving piece of equipment the pipe terminations will become weak and eventually fail.

Aero-Flex has the best solution with the use of flexible metal hose assemblies made of 1 wire braid construction. These hoses provide the strength of metal with the ability to bend and twist as the conditions demand.


The flexible metal hoses made by Aero-Flex are much more than a tube of braided wire with connectors attached at each end. Before any manufacture there are various parameters that must be decided upon. Aero-Flex uses a seven-step approach using the acronym STAMPED to set these parameters. Let’s go thru that process:

  • The S is for Size, an obvious parameter as every hose in the known universe must have a length plus an inner and outer diameter (ID & OD).
  • The T is for Temperature. The hose assembly will transfer something between -350°F to +1500°F so this is an important parameter to consider.
  • A is for the Application – This is where Aero-Tech engineers go to work designing the perfect metal hose with the right wire braid to work with the other components of your process.
  • M stands for the Material to be conveyed through the hose. Will it be a corrosive liquid, will is be a gas or even a slurry? And what are the potential hazards in case of an accidental spill?
  • The P is for the Pressure that the metal hose will have to bear. This goes together with the ID and OD of the hose. A small ¼” ID hose with a dual braid layer can handle up to 6000 psi where a similar 12” ID hose can handle only 325 psi.
  • E is for the hose Ends. Most applications will require standard NPT fittings, but high or very low pressure uses may call for special pressure / vacuum flanges to attach to a pressure chamber.
  • Finally, the D is for the Delivery of a finished product that is fully tested and passes all quality inspections, is cleaned and expertly packaged and that meets all delivery requirements.

Aero-Flex, a Global Leader

Many industries such as aerospace, chemical manufacturing, cryogenics, refineries, water treatment, steel and even dry bulk transfer systems all require flexible metal hoses. This is why the STAMPED hoses have made Aero-Flex a world leader in flexible metal hoses as well as in piping systems and other areas like CNC machining services. Don’t be “stamped” as a fool by using a cheap imitation of 1 wire braid hose. Call Aero-Flex at 561-745-2534 or use the online form to request a no obligation quote.

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