Aerospace Machine Shop

When a passenger airliner is traveling five hundred miles per hour at thirty thousand feet of altitude, things must go right, and there is no room for error.  Aero-Flex has one of the most precision and up to date aerospace machine shops in the business, with the credentials and certifications to back up this claim.

Besides having a robust presence in the passenger airline industry, we take our excellence elsewhere, including the manufacture of components for such industries as national defense, petrochemical, and power generation.   The tying factor in all these industries is the need for precision.  You will find it here at Aero-Flex.


At the heart of our aerospace machine shop is our line of five axis CNC machining centers and lathes where we can machine components ranging from engine compressor blades to simple titanium hex-bolts custom tailored to match your exacting requirements.

But high-tech equipment is not the only factor in precision.  Aero-Flex is a family of engineers, technicians and machinists who are the real reason behind our success with dedication and professionalism.  In manufacturing alone we have over seventy-five years of combined experience ready to tackle any task that you can give us.


Aero-Flex is certified as an ISO-9001:2015 QMS manufacturing corporation. Furthermore, we also carry the AS9100 Rev. D Certification. So, what does all this mean?

The ISO-9001 cert demonstrate that Aero-Flex can consistently provide the products and services that meet both regulatory and customer requirements in the international markets. In other words, it shows that our company is dedicated to both its products and customers in a worldwide setting.

The AS9100 certification, developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) goes further and demonstrates these abilities in the aviation, space and defense sectors. Included in this certification is product safety concerns, risk management, and adaption to change in the dynamic world of aerospace manufacturing.


So, what can be accomplished by combing precision high tech equipment, an excellent staff and the latest manufacturing certificates? The answer is quality. We take our responsibilities seriously, starting from the raw materials coming from the mills. You see, materials are also certified by each batch as to chemical and physical properties, which not only proves the quality of the metal, but also leaves a paper trail right back to its start. In aerospace components and mechanisms, there is no room for fault. When engineering calls for a certain alloy of steel to be used, it is pertinent that the metal involved will perform as it should, time after time without question.

Once our components are manufactured, they are then sent through a rigorous battery of quality control measures. We have available several of the latest inspection techniques including x-ray inspection, liquid penetrant inspection, hydrostatic pressure testing and magnetic particle inspection.

Aero-Flex has been a top-quality aerospace machine shop since 2008, and has the equipment, personnel and certificates necessary to provide you with the best custom or standardized components available anywhere. We guarantee both quality and personal service to you.



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