AN Braided Hose and Specifications

When it comes to the expert-based assembling of metal hose and machine-part products, it is vital to ensure each item’s superior quality and precision capacity. With that, Aero-Flex Company proficiently provides both product services.

All our aerospace and power generation products are customer-centered starting from manufacturing up to designing procedures. We cater all range of assemblies for tubes, hoses, pipes, as well as machine fractions commonly utilized for application of industrial designs and enhancement of specialty machine products.

AN Braided Hose

Because we ensure to provide more personalized product services, we also give assistance for product specifications and provide brief information regarding the proper handling of materials or details about working pressure, flexibility, and temperatures. Our hose assembly products are all highly processed for long lasting service and are composed of different types.

Metal Hose Flexible Assembly

This is the widely used hose type that is utilized by various industries such as paper, pulp, steel, chemical, oil, turbine, power, food service, material transfer, water plants, and shipbuilding.

Each hose comes in different sizes with 1/4”ID as the smallest size and 12”ID as the largest. A higher pressure of hose capacity is produced by those which are smaller. In terms of high-temperature utilization, the flexible metal type of hose is more suitable to use because of its durability despite the extreme range of temperature. You can also determine the pressure capacity of a hose based on its size, diameter, and a number of its wire braid layers. Our metal braids also consist of varying components which depends on the utilization of each hose. Metal braids are usually made up of stainless steels, which are resistant to salt water and factory chemicals but can also be substituted with nickel and alloy composites which are resistant to certain chemicals like chlorine, salt or seawater, and other caustic or corrosive solutions.

Each hose has a threaded end compatibility connectors for any type of braided alloys or stainless type with type variations such as male and female NPT, 37° flare for male/female JIC, and the ORFS-O-ring face type of seal. Aside from that, we also offer the flange type of end connectors including weld type of neck flange, lap joint, socket, blind, and slip flange. We can also provide you with highly customized flange kind that you need upon request.

Another type of end connector is the aerospace type. This kind of end fitting is AN braided hose thread end standard. It has a higher capacity of tightness tolerance and root radius compared to the JIC types and has different nuts and sleeve forms such as AN, MS, and AS types.

When it comes to hose protection products, we are offering fire and abrasion-resistant types. One type is called interlocked hose which is preferably used as a straightener during pressure flow. Another type is the fire sleeve for fire protection.

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