AS9100 Machine Shop

AS9100 Machine Shop

Taking lawn maintenance to a whole new level! Here at Aero Flex, we play host to an intriguing state of the art range of lawn trimming systems. Let me create a general idea regarding our trimmer inventory.

Our employees. Our employees are people friendly, approachable and fair. We are like an inclusive family here. Our current and former employees can attest to that.

You see when it comes to our quadruple blades maintaining your lawn will always be easier than before. They cut through most things quite neatly. If I have to be truthful about this product I would say that a bad side is that it was designed to work at a slower rpm. This, however, is not really an issue when it comes to trimming the lawn.

Our new artisanal designs eliminate the aggravation that comes with wrestling with the tangled trimmer line. And this keeps our clients happy and puts our services out there.

Like any other line that comes along with lawn trimmers, bricks eat at them. So I would advise you to use them for and on grass only because without the weed eating at the blades, they will last for quite some time.

The new user-friendly design makes it easy for any John Doe to replace the blades. The design is sleek and lightweight.
The new Aero Flex weed and grass trimmer itself – I assure you – is preferred over its counterparts, especially the string trimmer. The blades are not that accessible, but we do sell them in our stores and you can get it from Amazon as well if that is more convenient for you. Doing so will also save you some cash when replacing the blades.

As far as our inventory goes. We also have universal replacement trimmer heads. Our replacement heads fit almost every fuel powered trimmers out there. The replacements can be done by just about anyone, hassle-free. You can be sure to experience a new and efficient way of trimming the lawn.

When it comes to the design specifications. The Aero-Flex No More Line has powerful features to offer. These features include easy loading, economic benefits, it is a powerful tool that is strong and reliable. The blades can be compared to that of an airplane. Not in size, but in effectiveness.

With the Aero-Flex replacement head, you will be able to recover lost drag power easily, it is light on fuel. And to top that it gives you a trouble-free experience.

Our designs have been specifically engineered to do a better job than other trimmers. These trimmers are built to withstand fences and concrete and allow you to get thicker vegetation, cut grass and cleans it with lifts and blasts of debris.

We can safely say that our clients are always satisfied with our products and AS9100 Machine Shop. To put my money where my mouth is. I dare you to look up reviews on our machinery and I assure you that you’ll remember the good because there is hardly any bad.

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