ASME 31.1

Full-functioning ASME 31.1 Hoses

Never worry about to quality materials of your hose assemblies or piping system, because we, at Aero-Flex Corp., accurately provides specialized assemblies that fully suits any industrial necessities. Our company is widely known for sustaining certified products such as flexible full-metal hoses, bending series of tubes and pipes, welding specialties, precisions for machine parts, services for NDT, and pressure testing.

Due to a long term commitment to this type of industry, we have already established solid ground with our loyal clients from various institutions and business companies like Power System (PW), GE, Rolls Roys,  and Pratt and Whitney companies.

Our Best Services and Top ASME 31.1 Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies

Because of the higher durability service of our products, many huge companies have fully shared their trust and partnered with us; molding our brand as one of the top providers of hoses assemblies all over the world.  Our company is membered with selected experts and well-experienced welder who are all AWS D17.1 aerospace certified and ASME 31.1 as well as ASME B31.3 industrial piping certified.

In addition, our services are also incorporated with customization processes that you can maximize for your weld and testing specifications. In order to avail this personalized service, you can directly contract and our well-versed inspection staff can elaborately guide you with the entire welding procedure or product description and usage, and selection of appropriate assembly products. Also part of our service is providing gauge pressure tests which are enhanced through external laboratories to maintain accurate results in terms of industrial and aerospace applications.

Unlike other metal and flexible hose markets, we ensure certain product measures for consistent fabrication and delivery of our top hose products. What we cater are materialize based on standards in terms of size, length, temperature for durability, application for multiple conditions, material type and proper concentrations, pressure type to determine assembly exposure capacity, ends (such as methods of attachment, type, orientation of product, and style), and delivery (in terms of quality of material, package type, testing, and requirements for shipment).

Specifically, we have a variety of metal hoses available for any kind of service. The type of assemblies we offer starts at as small as ¼ ID size and as huge as 12 ID maximum sizes. Pressure rate capacity of each hose depends on how small the size of a hose is. Thus, a lower amount of pressure is provided by larger hoses. Our metal hoses ensure high-temperature endurance which can withstand as high as 1500 °F. in terms of pressure and components, we also ensure to the maximum allowable range of working hose pressure and we give well-tailored specifications for an alloy core type of hose as well as braid material.

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Reach us for any specifications of product including ASME 31.1 that you want to tackle through Aero-Flex official website at Using the site, you may fill out the quote form to process your online purchase, product requests, or specifications of the material. For any concerns or queries, you may also call us at 561 745 2534.

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