ASME 31.3

ASME 31.3 Metal Hose Product Specifications

Is this your first time to encounter hose assemblies? Or are you just looking for a specific industrial material you need for your metal works? Aero-Flex Corp. can properly guide and assist you with your needs.

Our company is one of the leading markets that consistently providing all kinds of flexible hoses or metal hose type of assemblies which are widely utilized by power and industrial companies. We aim at providing the best quality products to our customers and until now, our market is still evolving and has embraced the technological advancement in terms of testing equipment and fabrication facilities.

Selection of Services and Product Specifications for ASME 31.3 Metal Hoses

You don’t have to worry about finding the right material for your work, our very responsive and well-versed staff can handle that for you. We give proper information and guided procedures in order to accurately determine the product that you are looking for and which precisely suits your requirement. Our highly trained and experienced welders are all certified professional welders of the AWS D171.1 and ASME 31.3 and 31.1. they can handle simple to complex specifications dedicatedly and precisely.

You can as well take advantage of our personalized services and products as well as cleaning services depending upon the severity of your needs. Our top products include rigid process and types of materials utilized for piping systems, assemblies of flexible type of metal hoses, bent selections of tube assemblies, and of course higher quality of precision materials and machine parts. In terms of testing services, we cater hydrostatic test, NDT type of service such as penetrant inspection and x-ray, purity cleaning with standard and high type capacity, leak testing for any spec of helium mass, and pneumatic type of pressure testing.

To fully maximize the customs services that we provide, we allow our clients to add and choose the flange or type of fitting needed for their hoses to meet the specific hose type. In terms of pipe and tube bending selection products, you can choose any product for the aerospace type or industrial application and service. Our tube sizes range from as small as 1/8” up to at least 6” of welded materials, the same with seamless types. These products are also AMS as well as ASTM certified. Hence, you can always choose any type of fitting to complete your assembly of bent tube product material needed for your project.

For flexibility based metal hoses and assemblies, you can ensure the highest quality of manufactured products with a wide range of sizes from ¼ size up to 14 sizes in terms of diameter. All of our hose products are fabricated from a chosen kind of alloy (the 400 Monel type). Stainless steel, and the nickel type of material. Each of our machine part precision products used for both applications in aerospace and industrial work is all CNC customized with ensured high precision quality. On the other hand, NDT services can also be availed in terms of color, fluorescent, x-ray, inspection for magnetic and penetrant particles, and spectrometer for helium gas.

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