Bent Tube Varieties

For the precise and superior quality of machine part products and hose services, we, at Aero-Flex, deliver the leading multi-product functions that support a wide range of industries from aerospace, energy, subsea or marine, oil or gas, cryogenics, and other types of business as well as industrial companies.

Our company provides an array of useful and top quality products and well-versed services including a flexible type of metal hoses for assemblies, piping and tubing products, specialty type of welding procedure, precision-based machine parts, pressures testing, and NDT testing services.

Service Specifics

We are committed to ensuring the right quality of material products that we give to our customers that are why we are also providing customization process for hose end connectors in order to accurately deliver the best service and products that we have.

In addition, we also offer other services like x-ray or the radiographic process of inspection in which it can provide a photographic or visual presentation of your machine, welds or equipment in order to precisely determine the error that had to exist. Another service that we provide is called the penetrant inspection for the liquid type of materials. This process can fully determine any leakage that occurred due to surface inconsistencies like crack parts or pinholes. We also give a hydrostatic type of pressure tests to ensure if your hose assembly can still withstand a standard amount of pressure. On the other hand, the magnetic particle type of inspection helps to check plate edges as well as layers as preparation for any repair.

Other services include inspection for helium mass through the use of spectrometer and the standard service for cleaning. The former process identifies the specific leakage that exists in your metal hose and the latter provides a multi-set of cleaning to avoid any contamination.

Bent Tube Products and Services

We can provide you with tube bending for any customized form that you need for any type of applications either aerospace or industrial matters. If you cannot find any applicable ready-made tube products in our store, our material vendors can always assist you to source out the perfect match of a bent tube that you or your company requires.

Our bendable products are made of various materials like nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and many more. You can choose from our tube assemblies which can be for power turbine, rocket, aircraft tube, manifolds for fuel, power turbine, or test rigs assemblies. Also, we can help you determine the type of connections you want for your specific application which can be sometimes through the blending of tube specifics. We can help you flare and reshape the particular tube and combine a nut with a sleeve for welding. In terms of fitting strategies and procedures, we can provide you with a highly capable type of aerospace fitting called beam sealing. This is the most crucial type of sealing procedure which is used for satellite as well as space or aircraft materials because of its higher durability.

Contact Information

You may view the full specification of each of our product including Bent Tube by visiting the Aero-Flex official page at From there, you can sign up for an account and send us a message or you may directly call us at 561 745 2534.

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