Corrugated Hose

Buildings require a corrugated hose to link sewer and drainage systems. This type of tube is especially useful where pipes need to be buried under the soil. Aero-Flex Corp. is a premier manufacturer and supplier of corrugated pipes. Our pipes have excellent electric resistance and can withstand different soil conditions.

What are the benefits of corrugated hoses?

There are many benefits of using corrugated pipes in certain areas of a building or structure. These pipes are lightweight, can withstand acidic conditions, durable, easy to install, and are not prone to leakage.

Exceptional Performance

One of the benefits of corrugated pipes is that they are less susceptible to abrasion, especially on the inner walls. In addition, corrugated hoses are mildly affected by acids and other corrosive elements. Our corrugated pipes have a dual layer in line couplings that enhance durability and ensure joint tightness.

Strong and Lightweight

Aero-Flex Corp. corrugated pipes are lightweight but extremely strong. The strength of these pipes can be attributed to their corrugated designs. The fact that these pipes are incredibly light means that you will need fewer people to install them even in areas that are relatively constrained.

Not Susceptible to Leakage and Infiltration

Our pipes are less likely to leak or become infiltrated because of their tight joints and dual layer in-line couplings. In addition, we usually deliver these pipers in lengths of 5 meters or more, which eliminates the need for unnecessary joints.

Operational Cost

Corrugated hoses have low operational costs because you can load them in higher quantities on one truck compared to other types of pipes. This also means that you will incur fewer costs on storage and handling because of fewer damages. In addition, you do not need heavy equipment to install our corrugated pipes.

Are corrugated hoses flexible?

Corrugated hoses are highly flexible, which is why they are often used in sewer and drainage systems. This type of pipes can withstand significant amounts of settlements without cracking or leaking. The flexibility of our corrugated hoses also translates to greater safety.

Is corrugated hose bad for the environment?

Corrugated hoses have small ecological footprints. They use fewer raw materials during manufacture and are recyclable at the end of their life cycles.

What makes corrugated hoses suitable for gas piping?

Corrugated hoses are suitable for gas piping because of their durability and flexibility. Aero-Flex Corp. corrugated hoses are coated with an outer plastic coating that makes them leak proof and not prone to infiltration. Besides, corrugated pipes require minimal amounts of joints during installation.

What are the applications of corrugated hoses?

Corrugated hose has wide-ranging applications in conveying steam, hot water, and oil. Unlike interlocked tubes, corrugated pipes have helical or annular corrugations and are usually reinforced to withstand pressure.

Some of our corrugated pipes feature braided sheaths that fit snugly over the pipes to prevent them from elongating at higher pressures. These pipes are often used as pump connectors because of their exceptional flexibility that act as shock absorbers in hard pipe applications.

Aero-Flex Corp. has gained a reputation for manufacturing quality corrugated pipes. Request a free quote today.

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