Corrugated Hoses

Hoses are a versatile tool that can be used for a litany of tasks and assignments. Though their most common use is residential – used for watering plants or gardens, washing vehicles, setting up sprinklers, etc. – they have many industrial applications that tend to go unnoticed by most citizens.

But what is a corrugated hose? Put it is a metal hose. But there are features of corrugated hoses that make it different from your standard metal hose. For one, corrugated hoses can withstand high pressure and are built to provide leak tightness due to their material. Corrugated hoses have exhibited corrosion resistance and pressure tightness even under the most strenuous of conditions, like aggressive seawater or in extreme temperatures (like when used in space). Corrugated hoses are built to stand to just about any situation and will handle all the variables involved.

If you are looking for a hose for domestic use, you likely will not need a corrugated hose because they are built to do and handle so much more. But if you do need a corrugated hose – typically for business – there are places to turn to find these incredibly durable and reliable hoses.

Where can I find corrugated hoses?

Aero-Flex is the premier supplier of all things hose related. They have many variations of flex hose, including corrugated hoses designed to handle maximum pressure and extreme temperatures. They are made of high-quality materials and are built to last a very, very long time. You will be able to depend on any hoses that you get from Aero-Flex.

We have been in business for over a decade and boast clients that include GE Power, a major manufacturer in the United States and globally. They are a tier 1 supplier to GE, providing materials and services for their aero-derivative turbines from the LMS100 to the LM6000. Because of their association with a powerhouse like GE, Aero-Flex has become a leading provider of piping systems, metal hoses, bent tube assemblies, and CNC machined parts.

Because of their manufacturing capabilities, Aero-Flex has become a player in the oil and gas, aerospace, and power generation industries. These are critical technological industries as they develop and provide many things that we frequently use, up to and including the aeronautical industry. Knowing that heavy-hitters like GE are using their highly durable and quality parts can allow the rest of us to sleep comfortably.

Aero-Flex has many quality certifications (that they make readily available for download through their website) and above all else provide consistent quality and reliability in the products that they deliver.

Are corrugated hose clamps expensive?

No, corrugated hoses clamps can be had relatively cheaply should they be needed. They can be ordered for as cheap as $1.29 per clamp, or they can be ordered in bulk. Of course, it all depends on the manufacturer and size of the hose clamp; the bigger they are from a more recognizable brand, the more expensive they will be.

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