Flexible Hoses

The term “hose” is one of those generalized terms for a tool that we tend to use without even thinking about all of the uses and purposes that it might have. When we generally think of hoses, we probably think of hoses with domestic uses like the ones used to water flowers or a garden, to wash a vehicle in our driveways, or to set up a sprinkler in the yard.

Knowing about these industrial grade hoses and their purposes is something that can be helpful should the time ever come where an industrial grade hose becomes of use to you. Knowing which material to use and the amount of pressure that it needs to hold up against are essentials to knowing just which hose to make use of.

But there is a litany of different hoses that serve different purposes and uses. There are flexible hoses made of different materials that can handle huge amounts of pressure or drastic changes or levels in temperature regularly while still dispersing the liquid it was intended for.

What are flexible hoses used for?

Flexible hoses are generally used as a piping element. They convey materials such as natural gas and oil to steam and engine exhaust. As opposed to solid piping and tubing, flexible hoses provide additional protection when it comes to abrasion and pressure while also dampening vibration. Not only that, they are less susceptible to extreme temperatures or pressures.

Flexible hoses are an important part of many devices and used in many applications. The most common use for flexible metal hoses is natural gas and refrigerant lines, though they also are used for piping high-pressure water as well as food-processing. You will even find flex hoses in things like refrigerators, ovens and other heavy-duty devices. Flexible hoses are also prevalent in the utilization of compressed air.

Where can I find flexible hoses?

Aero-Flex is one of the biggest distributors of flexible hoses in the world, with GE Power as one of their primary clients. GE Power is one of the biggest companies in the world, a massive conglomerate that has its proverbial hands in just about everything.

Aero-Flex has been around for over a decade providing custom flexible hoses for any industrial use, using materials that allow their hoses to stand up to tremendous amounts of pressure and extremely high or low temperatures. These hoses are built to withstand just about everything.

Industrial hoses are important in our everyday lives as they are used in the distribution of liquids and natural gases, things we depend on. Without these hoses, the distribution would be more questionable thanks to changing temperatures and high water pressures.

What is the difference between a tube and a pipe?

The most noticeable difference between pipe and tube is the shape. Tubes can be square, rectangular or round whereas pipes are always round. Pipes are also generally measured by their inside diameter, referred to as the “nominal” diameter, and a “schedule,” which refers to wall thickness.

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