Flexible Metal Hose for power turbine

Power turbines require high vibration, high temperature, and abrasion resistant hoses for the transfer of fuel, water, detergents, and hot air. Since hoses made of rubber, silicone, or PTFE may not be ideal for these power turbine operations due to high temperature or corrosion, flexible metal hoses are usually used. For your quality flexible metal hose for power turbine, always turn to Aero-Flex.

At Aero-Flex, we specialize in manufacturing superior quality, durable, flexible metal hose. Our flexible metal hose assembly can be used in the transfer of fuel, lube oil, high-pressure lube, water, detergent, and hot air through gas power turbines. These flexible metal hoses are created using refined and innovative techniques. They are guaranteed to serve your industrial needs for many years to come.

Why Flexible Metal Hose for Power Turbine?

Some reasons why flexible metal hoses are used in power turbines include:

Suitable for High Temperature and Pressure

The majority of power turbine operations require the transfer of fuel, hot air, water and so forth under high temperature, pressure, and vibration. Flexible metal hoses are suitable for these conditions. These flexible metal hoses can withstand a temperature of as high as 15000F.

Heat Absorption Capabilities

What’s more, there is a need to absorb the heat of the gas power turbine system. Flexible metal hoses are highly suited and work excellently for these conditions. They will absorb the heat and ensure that your system runs smoothly.

Suitable for Full Vacuum or High-Pressure Conditions

Also, high-temperature gases and fluids have to be safely transferred through the gas power turbine system under full vacuum or high-pressure conditions. Our huge selection of flexible metal hoses are suitable for these conditions.

Reduce High Vibration

In addition, ordinary hoses can be damaged due to high vibrations when used in power turbines. When the system is subjected to high vibrations, special products like flexible metal hoses will be used. These flexible metal can help reduce the high vibrations. Thus, increasing the lifespan of your machinery.

Hoses used in power turbine systems are often exposed to high corrosion, high external heat, as well as heavy handling. Flexible metal hose are well suited for these harsh conditions. These hoses are fabricated from alloys and are manufactured specifically for extremely high temperatures. No wonder, a lot of industries now use a flexible metal hose for power turbine systems.

Turn To Us For Your Flexible Metal Hoses!

Do you need flexible metal hose for power turbine systems? When selecting flexible metal hoses for your various industrial operations, always go for quality. Aero-Flex remains your reliable manufacturer of high quality, durable, flexible metal hoses. Our products are suitable for various gas power turbine operations that require the transfer of hot air, fuel, lube oil, water, detergent, and so forth.

Above all, our products are highly affordable. We can create a personalized solution for you, depending on your industrial needs. Our flexible metal hoses are guaranteed to offer you value and performance. The will serve your gas turbine operations for many years to come.

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