Flexible Metal Hoses

Flexible metal hoses can be used with several applications including rigid piping systems, tube assemblies, and precision machined parts for various industries. Aero-Flex is the manufacturer of high-quality custom metal hose products which may be designed to attach to any flange or fitting to meet your exact specifications.

What Are Flexible Metal Hoses?

Many different types of metal hoses are used in a countless number of ways in various industries. Generally, a flexible metal hose is a common piping element used for conveying materials that range from oil to natural gas, to steam, engine exhaust to water or other liquids.

These special hoses protect the elements from abrasion and pressure which can be present with solidi tubing or piping. Metal hoses are also known to lessen vibration and are far less susceptible to high temperatures and pressure than other hose varieties.

What Materials are Used to Make Flexible Metal Hoses?

Flexible metal hoses are made from a variety of corrosion-resistant metals. These include stainless steel, corrugated bronze, and aluminum alloys. With bronze hoses, the tube is usually encased I a braided shielding, that adds more resistance to ongoing wear and pressure.

These metal hoses are often used in high-pressure or high-temperature applications with industrial machinery, appliances and so much more. The designs available include helical hoses that have a screw-shaped wind, annular hoses that have a round or accordion-like ribbed wind, and braided hoses that are made up of more than one bronze tube and a weave of fine metallic strands. Most flexible metal hoses also have a liner that is corrosion resistant.

Applications Flexible Metal Hoses are Used For

Metal hoses are valuable components for various devices used in many applications. The most common being natural gas lines and refrigerant use. But these flexible pipes can also be found used with food processing, piping, and transporting high-pressure water. They are installed on many appliances such as refrigerators and ovens and with a variety of different machines that operate on or use compressed air.

Determining the Correct Measurements for Metal Hoses

The size of the pipe designates the measurements for flexible metal hoses. This is known as the NPT. That is not the actual size of the pipe; instead it is a measurement that corresponds with the outer diameter or male fitting and the inner diameter or female fitting measurement. When buying metal hoses, consumers should look to the suppliers or manufacturers to find out the exact tube needed. The pressure ratings and length can also help with determining the correct hose measurements.

Customized Metal Hoses for All Types of Applications

Aero-Flex.aero offers a broad range of flexible metal hoses used for all types of applications. From the piping system to assembly line machines, you can find the exact type of metal hose that you need for your applications from this manufacturer. Aero-Flex also supplies industrial PTFE or rubber hose assemblers with many other applications which are used for hydraulics, chemical transport, and aircraft.

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