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Can I Get A Flexible Metallic Hose?

There are probably a number of metallic hose companies around you. Before settling for any of them, ask yourself these questions; how are their metallic hose assembling services? Are they of quality? We understand that what matters is the method used in welding the metallic hose during assembling. Unlike most metallic hose companies, our experienced and dedicated team ensures a full penetration weld. You can be assured of longevity and quality at competitive rates.

At Aero-Flex Corp, you will be provided with unique prep and weld services that increase the strength of the hose and thus the durability. We are keen during the edge weld to avoid reducing the overall strength of the hose assembly. We also focus on removing the hinge point to achieve full penetration. You will get this kind of dedication and quality work only at Aero-Flex Corp.

Do You Have PTFE and Rubber Hoses?

If you are in need of either aerospace or industrial hoses, then you are in the right place. That is because we supply our customers with both. Our PTFE made hose has the following advantages:

  • Can withstand most ambient temperature conditions as well as fluid
  • Provide a non-sticky surface due to its low coefficient of friction
  • Has almost negligible water absorption
  • Has been certified by the FDA for both pharmaceutical and food use
  • Can withstand vibration and flexing without being affected by fatigue that comes along with flexing
  • The properties of PTFE are not affected by weather or age. It, therefore, gives the hose unlimited shelf life.

Other Products and Services at Aero-Flex Corp

You can trust us with almost any aero services. Our certified and highly trained team will provide you with quality and up to standard pressure testing services, tube bending/assembling, flexible metallic hose assembling, specialty welding, and NDT services. We have an extensive collection of aero products, from piping systems, precision machine parts, PTFE, and rubber hoses amongst many others.

Our services are up-to-date. Moreover, we use advanced technology thus guarantying quality and value for your time and money. It is essential to have an inspection before, during, and after fabrication. We offer non-destructive radiography that will help to determine the integrity of both the weld and the material used. Our radiographs are accurate and reliable; NADCAP has certified our facility.

Get Aero Products and Services from Us

We are widely known for our durable services and products by aerospace industries as well as other industries. You can rely on Aero-Flex for the best flexible metallic hose.

Additionally, to get any of our services and products, fill out our simple form and we will get back to you promptly. We also specialize in aero projects. Give us a call today on 561-745-2534 for quality and reliable aero products and services.

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