Flexible hosepipes are an upgrade from the standard hoses that would degrade due to extreme weather conditions and tear from overuse. The Hose Flexible concept gained fame in the media in the last five years. These news highlights also triggered simultaneous critics from clients and observers who realized that the hoses were prone to certain downsides.

How does the flexible hose compare to the standard hose

  • It is easier to handle due to its light weight and thin size
  • It has better survivability chances in hot weather and freezing winters
  • It does not puncture easily
  • It can hold an immense amount of internal and external pressure
  • It is safe for a compound with kids due to its resistibility to pressure, breaking and exploding

Do you need our flexible metal hose?

Certain working conditions exceed the distinct mundane requirements of hoses in our backyards. You may need to look into the purchase of tubes if the environment involved has high temperatures, vibrations, and chemicals. The pipes will be highly complementary in areas prone to experience fires, abrasiveness, change in the surrounding’s pressure and possible leakage into hoses. Some of the industries that need a robust piping system are below:

  • Oil and gas refineries
  • Water treatment
  • Steel production
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Aircraft fueling
  • Steel production
  • Petrochemical loading
  • Subsea, marine and cryogenics industries

Despite these milestones in the manufacture of hoses, critics noted that the Hose Flexible technology did not always address the possibility of pipes breaking at the connector. Our technical team identified that most hose manufacturers do not match the widths of the connector and the tube to prevent creating a weak point. These pipes will not be worth your money as they will soon need replacements.

What is different about our flexible hoses?

Aero-Flex has a decade long of manufacturing experience. Our small team of dedicated employees is cultured to work towards the company’s mission of producing high-quality material. The hose broadband and wire-band have a cohesive attachment that matches their weight and width. The point of connection allows the hose to have a complete infiltration to the tap. Our tubes follow high engineering standards in regards to these factors:

  • Various sizes of the pipes
  • Adherence to extremely high temperatures
  • Enough layers to withstand high internal pressure
  • An inner anti-corrosion material
  • Fitting and flexible connectors
  • A lining that protects against heat and low temperatures

What to expect from our Flexible Hose experts

Since beginning our firm with instant success, we continuously develop success strategies that maintain clients such as the US Navy, OEM, Titeflex, and MRO. Our customer care team will give you the exact quotations for the services you seek. These include designing, assembling and cleaning. Other services that we offer are to inspect the particle magnetism to determine the quality of the weld or the possibility of small leakages using helium mass. We test the pressure on the internal and external sides of the pipes. Our design professionals have an obligation and a dedication to fabricating parts that exceed the industry’s standards and marry into your specific needs.

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