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Today’s machine shops are strikingly different from one found a generation or two ago.  Once considered a hot, dirty and noisy environment, shops today operate under more stringent guidelines and are kept impeccably clean with the air cooled in the summer and warmed in the winter.  As computer control has taken over many of the once manually operated machines, these changes are necessary for the machine tool’s longevity and preventive maintenance.  When you are spending six figures on a tool, you’ll want it to last.


The parts, components and assemblies that leave a machine shop have changed over time as well.  Today’s high-tech shops produce parts that were unthinkable in the past.  Aero-Flex has at its disposal (and at your disposal) five axis machining centers that can produce complex geometries only limited by the engineer’s imagination and the materials capabilities.

Besides our four and five-axis machining centers we also are equipped with CNC multitasking turning centers and all related ancillary equipment.  We have AWS D17.1 Aerospace certified welders on staff who are well versed in their field, and we conduct several modes of post weld quality component testing including x-ray, mass spectrometer and magnetic particle testing.


Today’s materials have also undergone considerable change and improvement.  Throughout the Cold War era numerous nickel super-alloys have been produced that can withstand high temperatures and strains that were unheard of in earlier times.  Titanium and its alloys were also developed during this timeframe, enabling airframes to be nearly as light as aluminum, though having the strength of steel.

These specialty metals were of high importance in the early days of jet engines and subsequent jet flight, and new alloys continue to be produced today.  We have at our fingertips the entire range of suppliers for these materials, and we take our suppliers seriously.  All materials come furnished with mill certs, providing both quality in materials as well as traceability.


At Aero-Flex, we pride ourselves in having one of the most up to date and capable machine shops available anywhere.  In identifying the changes that machine shops in general have undertaken over the years, one of the most significant “upgrades” must be its personnel.

We started out as a father and son team over a decade ago and have expanded to over a dozen of the most professional and well-educated engineers, technicians and machinists in the business.  Gone are the days of the simple “machine operator”, and in their place you will find a combination computer programmer, magician, and machinist who takes complex engineering drawings and transforms them into precision components and assemblies.

Our capabilities enable us to be on top of the game.  We are fluent and capable in several industries including defense, petrochemical, aerospace and energy distribution while our credentials include certifications in both ISO9001:2015 as well as AS9100 Rev. D.

In our Machine Shop you will find all the above improvements over machine shops of old.  From our machinery to new materials and onto our top tiered personnel, we are unsurpassed.

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