Mandrel Bent Tubing

More About Mandrel Bent Tubing 

The conditions in outer space are that of a total vacuum. There might be a few stray atoms of hydrogen or helium floating about but there is zero air pressure. There is no air to transmit sound, no oxygen to fuel a flame and electricity cannot be conducted. On Earth, we live in under a blanket of atmosphere that exerts 14.7 lb. per square inch (760 mm mercury displacement) at sea level.

Air is a good electrical insulator but something strange begins to happen as air pressure drops. At moderately low pressures the electrical resistance falls, and the remaining air now becomes an excellent conductor causing air and gasses to glow brightly in the presence of an electrical charge. This “glow discharge” phenomena explain how the lights on the Las Vegas strip keep things bright to lure the 2:00 a.m. gamblers.

Leak Proof Systems

This may seem quite trivial but think about a costly scientific experiment that involves putting an electrical charge into an ultra-high vacuum (UHV) system. Maintaining that vacuum will depend on leak tight tubes, flanges, cables and piping systems.

Even a minute leak can cause pressures to rise into that glow discharge range that will ruin the experiment or even cause an explosion. The best way to prevent these leaks is to use tubing, hoses and piping systems made by Aero-Flex Corporation located in Jupiter, Florida.

Aero-Flex is the world leader providing flexible metal hose, piping systems, CNC machined parts and welded tube assemblies for many industries including the Aerospace, Oil and Gas, and Power Generation Industries. The company is run by the father and son team of Josh (son) and Mike (father) Deakter and a staff with over 75 years of industry experience. Our company’s goal is to provide products to exacting specifications with attention to the finest details throughout the entire process.

A Brief Comment on Mandrel Bent Tubing

The process of bending a pipe can be as simple as securing one end into a vice, applying heat to the bend area and hoping that you have the strength to physically bend it to the correct angle. This may work for an amateur mechanic in a garage, but precise bends will require a bit more sophistication. If a pipe must be bent without any distortion in the bend area, this is best accomplished with a cylindrical rod called a mandrel. A mandrel bend will maintain the inner diameter at the bend area to allow a smooth flow of gas or liquid. Mandrel bending machines for high precision work may cost as much as $40,000.

Aero-Flex offers custom tubing systems that can be made with fittings for almost any application. The pipes can be flared, with mandrel bent tubing if needed and can be made with materials that meet AMS or ASTM standards. If you do have an application involving UHV or high pressures, then hydrostatic or pneumatic testing will ensure that your system will be leak tight.

Tube and pipe systems are just one of the products offered by Aero-Flex. They also offer flexible hose assemblies, CNC machining services, specialty welding, PTEF and rubber hose assemblies for hydraulic, chemical and fluid transfer.

If you have a specialty application requiring any of these Mandrel Bent Tubing, first call Aero-Flex at 561-745-2534 or use the online form to request a no-obligation quote from one of their experienced engineers.

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