Metal Flex Hose

Sometimes, generalized terms are used to describe tools. We hear words like “hammers” and “drills,” but don’t realize just how many specifications can go into each one. There can be differences in things like weight, power, purpose and job usage, and about a million other things. So when you go into a hardware store and say “I need a drill,” it’s not a simple answer.

The same goes for hoses. They are typically used for domestic uses – or at least that’s what we usually think of. We think of garden hoses used to water flowers or gardens, used to wash vehicles in the driveway or to put sprinklers up in the yard.

But at the same time, many industrial style hoses are used for a litany of other things. Take, for example, corrugated hoses. They are used to stand up to extreme pressures and temperatures due to their materials. These are the most durable, most dependable hoses available on the market and would be overkill used in a domestic setting.

There are also metal flex hoses, another type of hose used industrially.

Where are metal flex hoses used for?

Flexible metal hoses are generally used as a piping element. They convey materials such as natural gas and oil to steam and engine exhaust. As opposed to solid piping and tubing, flexible metal hoses provide additional protection when it comes to abrasion and pressure while also dampening vibration. Not only that, they are less susceptible to extreme temperatures or pressures.

Flexible metal hoses are an essential part of many devices and used in many applications. The most common use for flexible metal hoses is as natural gas and refrigerant lines, though they also are used for piping high-pressure water as well as food processing. You will even find metal flex hoses in things like refrigerators, ovens and other heavy-duty devices. Flexible metal hoses are also prevalent in the utilization of compressed air.

Where can I find metal flex hoses?

Aero-Flex is the premier place to find all varieties of industrial hoses, including metal flex hoses. Our hoses are made from the finest materials available, able to stand up to the very highest water pressures and the most extreme temperatures.

One of our first customers back when we started our business in 2008 was GE Power. GE Power is one of the premier corporations in the world, with a global reach that few companies can match. Having GE Power on our clientele list should be a testament to the level of quality that Aero-Flex brings to the industry.

The customer service level that Aero-Flex brings to the industry is unmatched and almost as good as the quality of our products.

Are hose clamps expensive?

That depends on the size of the clamp and the hose, but hose clamps can range from pretty inexpensive to relatively expensive. Singular hose clamps can be as cheap as a dollar, though depending on the manufacturer and the size of the clamp, they can run as expensive as $50. You can also purchase metal flex hose in packs from bulk retailers like Amazon if they are something that you use regularly.


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