Metal Flexible Hose

The conventional rubber hose can only operate at a certain level of pressure due to the material used in its construction; this hose would have little relevance in industries such as the oil and gas as well as cryogenic industries and many others. A Metal flexible hose, on the other hand, is built to withstand more pressure with little or no tear and collapse. It is always advisable to purchase from a trusted brand as these guarantees the quality of the product being purchased.

The Metal flexible hose has been in existence for over a hundred years now. Therefore, it is important to purchase from a brand that has a long history and expertise in this field, and rarely anyone can match up to the services we offer at Aero Flex.

Why do I need a flexible metal hose?

The metal flexible hose is much more durable than the standard rubber hose which could melt under pressure, thereby causing damages to equipment in the process if nor paid close attention to. Laboratories utilize metal flexible hoses due to the inability of non-metallic hoses to handle a variety of chemicals. The nonmetallic hose often reacts quicker to aggressive chemicals while the metallic hose can withstand certain amounts of chemical substances to a degree. Metal flexible hoses also stand better chances of withstanding abrasion as well as operate within very high or low temperatures.

What industries can utilize our metal flexible hose?

The oil and gas sector which we have mentioned earlier, make use of the metal flexible hose. Other industries such as the automobile industry, energy, subsea, alternative energy; solar heat, and medical laboratories to name a few also utilize this type of hose in carrying out various types of operations.

It is also noteworthy that the aviation and travel sector utilize the metallic hose.

We at Aero flex have a solid foundation in the creation of this in-demand hose dating back to the days of our founder working in space shuttle programs.

Nonmetallic hoses have a degree to which they can handle water pressure, this is attributed to their flexible nature, but with metal flexible hoses this is not so as this hose is designed to not only handle larger pressures of water but also handle high-temperature liquids that would ordinarily render standard hoses useless. An example is in the case of food processing in which materials which can be a little bulky or with sharp textures are passed and deposited at target regions with the aid of metallic flexible hoses. It is fair to say that normal hoses cant meet such demands making the metallic flexible hose the right choice in such scenarios.

The benefits of purchasing metal flexible hose cannot be overstated as they provide that much-needed sense of assurance during operations.

We at Aero Flex understand the limitations of rubber hoses and also the cons that come with using metallic hoses and as such ensure to construct the perfect balanced hose that guarantees the best possible results in all usage scenarios.

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