Metal Hoses

Flexible metal hoses can be extremely useful in a variety of applications where plastic or other types of tubing could not contain the pressure or intense temperature changes of the contents inside.

Aero-Flex specializes in creating customized metal hoses for a multitude of applications from construction to plumbing and everything in-between. Along with their large inventory of metal hoses, Aero-Flex can also help with services such as Pneumatic pressure testing or Hydrostatic pressure testing and NDT services such as Penetrant Inspection or X-Rays.

About Metal Hoses

A flexible metal hose is used in piping to convey materials from one location to another. They can be used with various materials such as oil, steam, engine exhaust, natural gas and multiple liquids including liquid waste.

What are the Advantages of Using Metal Hoses?

The advantage of using metal hoses over tubes and piping made from different materials is that these hoses offer an added level of protection against pressure damage and abrasion. Metal hoses can also help to reduce the adverse effects caused by vibration with some applications.

In addition to those benefits, metal hoses are also less susceptible to heat, extreme temperature changes and high-pressure that could cause damage to tubes made from other materials.

The Materials Used to Manufacture Metal Hoses

Flexible metal hoses are made from various metals that are known to be resistant to corrosion and rust. This includes stainless steel, corrugated bronze, and aluminum alloys. With bronze hoses, the bronze material in the tube is encased inside a braided metal shielding. Offering additional resistance to wear and pressure.

Metal hoses are used in various high-temperature and high-pressure applications. The designs available for use in these industries include helical metal hoses that have a screw-shaped wind and annular hoses that feature round or accordion-shaped wind. They are also known to feature a ribbed wind.

What are Metal Hoses Used With?

Flexible Hoses are used in various devices and appliances as well as with industrial machines. They are often found on appliances such as refrigerators and freezers as well as dishwashers and washing machines. Flexible metal hoses can also be found on machines that operated on compressed air or those that run on natural gas.

Metal hoses are ideal for use in applications where you are dealing with high-pressure air or water. They can also be useful when conveying materials that vary in temperature safely from one area to the next. The unique design of these hoses allows them to work with these otherwise harmful gases or liquids without causing corrosion or destruction.

Finding the Right Metal Hose for Every Task

Aero-Flex offers a variety of metal hoses made from all types of materials including stainless steel and aluminum alloy so that you can find the correct tube to use for any application. Whether you are involved in the plumbing industry or work in construction, you can find the right type of metal hose to use for each task when purchasing your supplies from Aero-Flex.


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