Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies


Aero-Flex builds some of the highest quality flexible metal hose assemblies in the world. Its important to realize that all metal hose companies are NOT the same. For instance we have developed a method of assembling your metal hose that differs from 99% of our competitors, as a result you get a hose assembly that will hold up over a long period of time. So give us a call and ask us why Aero-Flex IS different than the rest of the industry.

Several large companies use our hoses due to the quality we can provide, most noteworthy Rolls Royce, PW Power Systems, GE, Pratt & Whitney and Aerojet Rocketdyne. And above all you can be assured that you will receive a hose assembly superior to what you will find in the rest of the metal hose market.

Power Turbine Hoses

When Are Flexible Metal Hoses Used?

 -Temperature Extremes            – Chemical Compatibility

– Permeation Concerns               -Abrasion Concerns

– Fire Safety                                  – Full Vacuum Required

-Fitting Configuration                – Reduce High Vibration

Sometimes a standard rubber or PTFE hose may not work, in contrast high temperatures are perfect for a flexible metal hose. As a matter of fact, metal hoses can typically handle temperatures above 1000°F. When dealing with corrosive chemicals or environments a metal hose assembly is perfect for the job. We will choose an alloy that is compatible with your application. For example, using 316 Stainless Steel is great for minor corrosion or high purity environments. For instances where high corrosion is a factor, nickel or monel  is widely used in these applications.

Our Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies are extremely abrasion resistant and are widely used in industries where high vibration is a factor. Reducing vibration in your machinery can have a lasting affect on the life span of your machinery.

FT4000 Flexible Metal Hoses

Applications And Industries Where Metal Hoses Are Used:

 -Gas Turbine Hoses                  -Aerospace/Aircraft          – Cryogenic Hoses

-Chemical Transfer or MFG.    – Steam Hoses                    – Natural Gas

 -Pump Connectors                    – Oil Refining                     – Steel Production

 -Pulp & Paper Production       – Power Plants                   – Petrochemical

 -Dry Bulk Transfer                   – Commercial Food            – Water Treatment

A wide variety of applications and industries are perfect for a flexible metal hose. Only the highest quality metal hoses are used in the production of OEM turbines. For that reason we support OEM customers with metal hoses to install on the production line. When quality is of the upmost importance, Aero-Flex is the perfect choice.

The cryogenic industry uses metal hoses to transfer liquids like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Helium and Nitrogen. These hoses require an inner and outer hose that is insulated by pulling vacuum between the the 2 hoses. This minimizes the extremely cold liquid from warming up and turning into a gas which is typically called off gassing.

The Oil & gas industry uses our metal hoses to transfer petroleum, steam and additives associated with refining. In contrast, steel manufacturing deals with some really high temperatures involved therefore a flexible metal hose is perfect for applications like oxygen lance hoses, gas lines, lubrication lines and furnace door cooling hoses.

Flexible Metal Hose - A look inside our hose.

What Aero-Flex Can Offer You:

Sizes  1/4″ – 14″                              Pressure Range – Up to 6000 psi

Temperature- -320°F to 1500°F

Alloy (Core)  321SS (Standard) , 316SS, Alloy 400 (Monel), Nickel 625

Alloy (Braid) – 304SS (Standard), 316SS, Alloy 400 (Monel), Nickel 625

Threaded End Connections – Male NPT, Male JIC, Female JIC, BSPP, ORFS

Flanged End Connections – Aero-Flex can provide a Weld Neck Flange, Lap Joint (Floating) Flange, Slip-On Flange, Socket Weld Flange, V-Band Flange to weld to the end of your hose assembly.

37° Flared Tube End Connections- AN, MS, AS & JIC nuts and sleeves.

Misc End connections – Tube Stub or Pipe Stub.

If you need a particular fitting machined from scratch or an existing fitting modified, Aero-Flex can provide the expertise to make sure its a perfect fit for your hose.

Add-On’s Also Available:

Interlocked Hose – Used inside the hose as a flow straightener or on the outside as an abrasion guard. This adds to the durability of your flexible metal hose.

Fire-sleeve – Slip on fire-sleeve can be applied to the outside for protection continuously up to 500°F.  Fire-Sleeve will also withstand splashes up to 2200°F.

We can offer other services once your flexible metal hose is complete . NDT, High Purity Cleaning and Pressure Testing to industry specifications or to your specific specifications are all available.

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