Piping Systems


Rigid Piping System
FT4000 Rigid Pipe Assemblies
Where do companies go when they need someone to fabricate piping for a complex system? Aero-flex of course! We have experience manufacturing piping systems for a variety of different applications.¬†We specialize in premium-quality, ASME compliant piping systems and components. Our typical sizes range from 1/4″ up to 14″ in diameter and we can handle all wall thicknesses.

We have a CWI on staff that inspects each weld in process and during final QC inspection. After welding all of our piping assemblies are individually pressure tested and cleaned inside and out. During cleaning we apply a degreaser to clean the pipe and a strong acid for the welds. The strong acid pulls the carbon out of the weld and brings it to the surface. Then we scrub the welds with a wire brush to remove the impurities. This ensures your weld will not rust in the field and will be nice and shiny for many years to come.

Our capabilities include complete solid piping systems and sub-assemblies delivered ready to install. Aero-Flex can go a step further and include flex hose into your piping system. This can help reduce vibration and even alleviate misalignment in a piping system.

In most cases piping systems serve as the backbone for multi-million dollar operations. Additionally your piping system has to withstand extreme circumstances from high pressures and temperatures to extremely corrosive environments. In any event you can’t have just anyone fabricate your piping system. The Aero-Flex team has over 75 years of experience in these types of applications and the specifications required to deliver a piping system that will perform to your expectations.

To see some examples of some of our piping projects please go to our gallery page.