Tube Bending

Precision Tube Bending Services

Bent Tube-350
Bent Tube -2-350
Aero-Flex Corp. specializes in high precision bent tube assemblies. Whether  you need tube bent for you to finish in your own shop or a complete turn key assembly that is ready to install out of the box, Aero-Flex is ready to help.

We provide high precision tube bending by using a variety of methods for instance CNC mandrel bending, manual bending and roll bending machines. Furthermore we can bend a variety of materials including Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium, Aluminum and other bendable materials in tube sizes ranging from 1/8″ up to 6″ OD.

Generally drawings require a specific material to be used in a tube assembly. Don’t worry, Aero-Flex can find exactly what your drawing and project requires. For Example AMS, ASTM or Mil Spec tube specifications and a variety of wall thickness. In fact we can source material to your drawing’s specification if it differs or is an addition to an industry standard.


Finished Tube Assy-350
Fuel Manifold_LI-350
Tube Bending
Do you need a turn key tube assembly for your next project or an existing piece of machinery? Aero-Flex can provide you a custom tube assembly ready to install right out of the box. We fabricate bent tube assemblies for everyone from space, aviation and power turbine customers down to a simple bent tube assembly for an industrial piece of machinery.

End connections are a critical part of your bent tube assembly. Aero-Flex provides different types of end connections which depend on what you are connecting to. Here are a few examples of end connections for your custom fabricated tube assembly.

  • Flare tube to 37° and add nut and sleeve
  • Off the shelf tube fitting or adapter
  • Compression Fittings
  • AS, AN or MS tube fittings
  • Beam Seal Fittings
  • Custom CNC Machined tube fitting by Aero-Flex

Do you require any additional process to your bent tube assembly? Below is a list of services we can provide once your custom bent tube assembly is fabricated and before it ships out to you.

  • Heat Treating
  • Stress Relieve
  • Pressure Testing – Hydrostatic or Pneumatic
  • NDT – X-Ray, Fluorescent & Color Contrast Penetrant
  • Cleaning – Aero-Flex standard cleaning or High Purity Cleaning to a certain specification.

Click this Gallery link to see some bent tube assemblies we have done for our customers.