Tube Bending



Tube Bending

Aero-Flex provides tube bending services for all types of Industrial or Aerospace applications. We use various methods including CNC mandrel bending and manual bending machines to provide quality bent products to our customers.We can bend sizes from 1/8″ up to 6″ tube in most wall thicknesses and radius’.

Does your project require specific material to aerospace or industrial standards? We work with some of the best material vendors in the country to find you exactly what your project requires. For example, AMS and ASTM are the industry standards for Aerospace and Industrial applications. Additionally we can source material to your companies specific specification if it differs or is an addition to an industry standard.We have capabilities to work with stainless steel, nickel, titanium, aluminum, and other bendable materials.

Finished Tube Assemblies

Aero-Flex can supply you a turn key tube assembly for your next project. Our customers have asked for turn key tube assemblies for a variety of applications. For example, aircraft tube assemblies, rocket assemblies, power turbine assemblies, test rigs for new engines and fuel manifolds.

Almost any type of end fitting can be welded or brazed to the end of a tube assembly. Depending on your application or connection you may need a variety of different connections. For instance, we can flare the tube and add a nut and sleeve or we can weld a machined 37° flare fitting on to the end of your assembly. Another popular connection in the aerospace industry is the beam seal fitting. This is a dynamic fitting is used for critical sealing on spacecraft and satellites because of its great sealing properties. Additionally we have the experience with lots of other fittings like compression fittings, O-ring Face Seal, AS, AN and MS fittings. If you have a custom fitting you need machined for your tube assembly we can do that too. Check out our CNC Maching Services page to learn more.

If your tube assembly requires pressure testing we have the capabilities to pressure test pneumatically or hydrostatically. A pneumatic pressure test is with air or another gas like nitrogen or helium. A hydrostatic pressure test is where we fill the tube with water and perform the test. We are also able to provide NDT services like X-Ray and penetrant inspection if required. Occasionally our customers require specific cleaning to be done to their tube assembly. We can put it through our standard cleaning or can have it cleaned by one of our high purity cleaning labs to a specific spec that you provide us.