Stainless Steel Flexible Hose

Certain industrial operations require hoses that can withstand high temperature, high vibration, and abrasion. Unfortunately, rubber hoses, silicone hoses, and PTFE hoses do not possess these qualities. Under these extreme conditions, they can be damaged or deformed. As a result, stainless steel flexible hoses are often used due to their ability to withstand high temperature, vibration, or corrosion. For your quality stainless steel flexible hose, always turn to Aero-Flex.

At Aero-Flex, we specialize in manufacturing high-quality, durable, stainless steel metal hoses that are suited for various industrial operations. Several industries including Aerospace, Gas Power Turbines, Oil Refining, Chemical Transfer, Steel Production, and so forth use our products for the transfer of fuel, detergent, hot air, lube oil, high-pressure lube, and water. These hoses are very durable and will serve your industrial needs for many years to come.

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Flexible Hose for Your Industrial Operations

With lots of inferior products on the market today, it is advisable to purchase your products from a reputable manufacturer. Some of the reasons why you should always turn to Aero-Flex for your quality stainless steel flexible hoses include:

Manufactured using Refined Techniques

Our products are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and advanced techniques. Over the years, we have developed a refined technique of assembling stainless steel flexible hose which is unique. Hence, we are able to manufacture hoses that can serve your industrial operations for a long period of time.

We Offer Personalized Solutions

Our flexible hose assemblies come in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings. The size usually varies from 1/4″ ID to 12″ ID. We can manufacture the right size and quantity of flexible hose based on your needs and requirement.

Suitable for High Temperature and Pressure

At Aero-Flex, we understand that a lot of industrial operations require the transfer of water, fuel, hot air, or detergent under high pressure, temperature, and vibration conditions. Our flexible hoses are built for these conditions. These hoses have the capabilities to withstand a high temperature of up to 15000F. The hoses will also absorb heat and ensure the smooth running of your system.

Industry Standard Products

What’s more, our flexible hoses are manufactured using the best quality materials. All our products are in compliance with industry standards and regulations.   Also, for accuracy and precision in both Aerospace and other industrial applications, all of our pressure test gauges are certified through a third-party lab. You can always count on our products for unparalleled quality.

Turn To Us For Your Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses!

Do you need flexible hoses for your industrial applications? When choosing Stainless Steel Flexible Hose for your various industrial operations, do not compromise on quality. At Aero-Flex, we manufacture superior quality, durable, stainless steel hoses. Whether you are transferring hot air, water, detergent, fuel, or lube oil under high temperature, pressure, and vibration, our products are the perfect fit for the operation.

Above all, our products are highly affordable and reliable. We can create a personalized solution for your company, based on your needs. These hoses are guaranteed to serve your industrial operations for an extended period.

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