Stainless Steel Hose

Finding a reliable hose can be a challenging endeavor, especially in the industrial or aerospace industries where extremely high pressures come into play.

Knowing where to go for a durable stainless steel hose is an essential first step to address.

Where would I find a durable, reliable stainless steel hose?

One of the leaders in the industry is Aero-Flex, a producer of highly durable hoses since 2008. One of the owners brings over 40 years of experience in cryogenic valves and vacuum jacketed piping and flex hose to the table, providing knowledge about the product and its capabilities that most can only hope to match.

As a testament to the quality of service and product we provide, it should be noted that Aero-Flex made GE Power one of its first customers. Having issues with leaking on their flexible metal hoses, GE Power came to us to find a solution. We developed a unique way to fabricate and weld our metal hoses that solved their problem, making them a consistent customer over the past decade.

Our design and developmental teams bring unmatched expertise towards creating these specialty products. We can fully customize our assemblies to meet any industrial, aerospace, or ground-based commercial application and will work with your engineers to fabricate your product.

In addition to flexible metal hose assemblies, we also offer services in tube bending, specialty welding, PFTE, and rubber hoses, CNC machining, piping systems, pump connector/compression hoses, and more. We are flexible and dependable, adapting to your needs as they arise and working tirelessly to meet those needs.

What unique services does Aero-Flex provide?

We specialize in unique services that aid in the development and fabrication of aerospace, industrial and ground-based commercial applications.

Aero-Flex offers Liquid Penetrant Inspection, a leak detection technique that locates surface cracks and pinholes that are not easily detected by an air test or magnetic particle inspection. This is prevalent in the aerospace industry where small cracks or abrasions can be critical to the success of a flight safety part.

We also offer pressure testing of both the hydrostatic and pneumatic variety. Our hydrostatic testing detects leaks and tests an assembly’s strength by filling the assembly with liquid while evacuating its air. This tests the assembly’s ability to withstand pressure for which it’s rated for a predetermined period.

The pneumatic testing tests your equipment with air under water at pressures as high as 20,000 psi. The pneumatic tests are more dangerous due to their use of compressed gasses like nitrogen, CO2, methane, and others.

What are the reviews for the stainless steel hose offered by Aero-Flex?

Gardening Products Review took a look at the Aero-Flex stainless steel hose, and the reviews were outstanding. The stainless steel garden hose earned five stars for ease of use, quality and performance as well as an overall score of five stars due to it being tough, full-sized and shattering expectations for expandable hoses.

Gardening Products Review highly recommends the Aero-Flex stainless steel garden hose, noting that it remained kink-free and that it is quite durable, capable of holding up to some of the harshest conditions and use.

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