Steel Fexible Hose

Steel flexible hoses may be used in multiple applications at home or on the job. Most stainless steel flexible hoses are designed to be used in the plumbing industry to create a reliable and stable connection for water to flow through.

The metal tubing helps to prevent leaks from occurring by ensuring a stable and secure hold while the inner lining of the hose is designed to avoid corrosion and rust from happening.

Aero-Flex manufactures some of the highest-quality steel flexible hose products in the industry used for pipe systems, machinery and so much more.

Why Choose a Flexible Steel Hose for Plumbing Applications?

Flexible metal hoses are designed to absorb vibration that occurs either vertical, horizontal or angular. The design of these hoses can help to prevent misalignment of pipelines while they also reduce noise. Steel and other metal hoses can work as a medium that reduces the internal stress of the pipe. This is especially true for stainless steel flexible hoses. That’s because they have a much longer lifespan than hoses made from other materials. Typically, a stainless steel hose will last for the life of the machine.

Another advantage of using a steel flexible hose in plumbing applications is that they can be used with a broad range of extreme hot or cold temperatures. Plus, the braided exterior of stainless steel flexible hoses can help them to withstand the intense pressure of the water more than a tube made from any other material.

The Different Types of Materials Used to Make a Stainless Steel Metal Hose

Common materials used in the manufacturing process of stainless steel flexible hoses include T321, T304, and T316L. Each one is an austenitic chromium/nickel alloy. However, there is a slight difference between them as well.

What is T321?

T321 is a stable grade of stainless steel alloyed with Titanium, allowing a very high affinity for carbon at a high temperature than chromium. T321 is the industry-leader when it comes to the best option for exhaust headers and any hoses needed for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

What is T304?

T304 is considered the most commonly used steel flexible hose. It is similar to T321 except it doesn’t have the addition of Titanium that T321 does. Many times, people will replace a 321 hose with a 304 in various applications such as for header construction. But when you compare the two, T304 does not have the same level of high-temperature fatigue resistance as the T321 hoses.

What is T316L?

The T316Lhas an additional component added that is not present in the other two types, and that is molybdenum. This added content provides extra protection from the various forms of corrosion that may occur in plumbing applications. The T316 is recommended for use in environments with chloride since it has a much higher resistance to crevice corrosion and pitting.

Find the Right Type of Steel Flexible Hose for Any Task

Aero-Flex has a broad selection of flexible steel hose varieties available for you to choose and add to your plumbing or high-pressure application. You can find the right size and type of flexible metal hose to use for plumbing jobs, construction, and various other industries.

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