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Industries We Serve
Below Are Just A Few Examples Of Industries That Use Our Products

The Industries We Serve

Welcome to Aero-Flex Corp, where we proudly serve a diverse range of industries with our high-quality metal hoses, piping assemblies, bent tube assemblies, and CNC machined parts. Our commitment to excellence and precision has made us a trusted partner in the aerospace, defense, power generation, cryogenic, and chemical sectors. There are a variety of industries we serve at Aero-Flex Corp.  We take pride in our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of each industry we serve. With our state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated team of experts, we are committed to delivering excellence and exceeding customer expectations.

Subsea Hoses And Piping
Chemical Hoses
Oil & Gas Hoses And Piping.
Cryogenic Hoses And Piping


The Sub-Sea environment is very unforgiving. Between high pressures at deep depths to the corrosive nature of seawater, the Sub-Sea environment requires special processes and special high end non corrosive alloys. Alloys that include 316SS and Nickel alloys to prevent corrosion and to withstand the pressures of deep oil well drilling depths. Aero-Flex has lots of experience with these types of applications.


The Chemical industry has very corrosive fluids and gases to move. This requires special hose, piping and tube materials to withstand the medium inside and the outside environment that it will be subjected to. Alloys like C276 and Alloy400 are used in hoses, piping and tubing because of their corrosion protection. It protects against things like chlorine or strong acids. Additionally, specially formulated PTFE and rubber hoses can also handle a wide variety of acids and chemicals.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas industry uses hard piping and flexible metal hoses in the oil drilling process as well as the refining process. Products like gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and other similar products are made in refineries that rely heavily on high-quality metal hoses and piping assemblies to transport petroleum, steam and other by-products and additives used in the refining process. Ask us about our Oil & Gas hose assemblies.



The Cryogenic Industry typically deals with temperatures are in the negative hundreds of degrees below zero. Flexible Metal hoses are used extensively in cryogenics. Vacuum Jacketed Metal hoses are made with an inner hose that has been insulated and a larger outer hose is welded over it. Then vacuum is pulled until there is absolutely no air in the space between the inner and outer hose. Therefore there is no transfer of heat and less off gassing of the cryogenic liquid moving through the hose.


Power Generation Hoses And Piping
Defense Hose Assemblies
Aerospace Hoses And Tube Assemblies
Marine Hoses


Large Power Turbines rely on Flexible Metal Hoses and Hard Piping to operate. Everything from fuel, hot air, lube oil, water and other fluids are transferred throughout the turbine and are necessary to generate power. Aero-Flex works with the large OEM turbine manufacturers to supply them with high quality reliable hose and pipe assemblies to prevent any shut downs and interruptions in the power to your home.


Very similar to the Aerospace industry the Defense industry requires flight ready hoses and bent tube assemblies to move fuel and other fluids around the aircraft. The Navy would also use flexible metal hoses, piping and bent tube assemblies for the aircraft carriers and Navy battle ships. The military often requires the use of MS, AS and AN fittings which Aero-Flex has lots of experience in supplying to our customers on our assemblies.


The Aerospace industry uses metal hoses and bent tube assemblies to move fuel and other fluids around the aircraft. Aero-Flex specializes in these types of applications. The Aerospace industry also relies heavily on PTFE and Rubber hoses for other fluid applications. We work with companies like Titeflex, Parker and Aeroquip to provide Aerospace certified hoses that can go right on your aircraft.


The Marine Industry also uses Hoses, Tubing and Piping to load and unload the ships. From dry bulk material hoses that load and unload the ship into tankers or rail cars to hydraulic hoses that keep the crane on or off the ship operating. The ships themselves require flexible metal hoses and piping for the engine and to move fluids around the ship.

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