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Aero-Flex Core Products
Below are the products & Services Aero-Flex can provide your company.

Products We Can Offer Your Company

Flexible Metal Hose Manufacturer & Assembly

Aero-Flex manufacturers some of the highest quality all metal hose assemblies in the world. Metal hoses are used in a variety of industries. This includes Oil Refining, Chemical, Steel Manufacturing, Paper and Pulp Industries, Power Plants and Turbines, Bulk Material Transfer, Commercial Food Service, Shipbuilding and also in Water Treatment Plants.

Precision Tube Bending Services

Aero-Flex provides tube bending services for all types of Industrial or Aerospace applications. We use various methods including CNC Mandrel bending and Manual bending machines to provide quality bent products to our customers.

We can bend sizes from 1/8″ up to 6″ welded or seamless tube in most wall thicknesses. Some projects require material specified to AMS (Aerospace) and ASTM (Industrial) specifications

ASME Piping Systems

Aero-Flex specializes in the fabrication of premium-quality, ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 compliant piping. We support power plants, OEM turbine manufacturers, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Companies, Water Treatment Plants, Commercial Food Service Companies and aftermarket customers worldwide

CNC Machining Services

Aero-Flex offers our CNC machining services for stand alone custome parts and also custom CNC machined fittings for our other products like Flexible Metal Hoses, ASME Piping Systems and Custom Bent Tube Assemblies. We purchased qualified material with test reports and can run from prototype to a full production run of your parts!

PTFE & Rubber Hoses

Aero-Flex works closely with the top industrial PTFE and rubber hose manufacturers in the industry. Most noteworthy, Parker, Eaton and Titeflex. We can supply you with hydraulic, air, chemical, water, food & beverage, material handling, oil & gas, petroleum, steam or even custom specialty hoses.

Specialty Welding

Aero-Flex provides specialty welding services to our customers that need the highest quality welding in the market. Whether its a complex weld or you are welding complex materials, Aero-Flex can handle it.

It’s important to consider the metallurgy of the material you are welding and to completely understand the weld you perform. All welds performed at Aero-Flex go through a procedure qualification to make sure everything is dialed in before performing the actual weld on your product.

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