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Precision Tube Bending Services
Below are the products Aero-Flex can provide your company

We Build Custom Bent Tube Assemblies

Precision Tube Bending Services

Do you need a turn key tube assembly for your next project or an existing piece of machinery? Aero-Flex can provide precision tube bending services and tube assemblies ready to install right out of the box. For example we fabricate bent tube assemblies for everyone from space, aviation and power turbine customers down to a simple bent tube assembly for an industrial piece of machinery. End connections are a critical part of your bent tube assembly. Aero-Flex provides different types of end connections which depend on what you are connecting to. Here are a few examples to the right of end connections for your custom fabricated tube assembly. Below are some examples of the types of  precision tube assemblies we can provide to your company.

  • AS, AN or MS Tube Fitting
  • Beam Seal Fittings
  • Custom CNC Machined Fitting By Aero-Flex
  • Weld Bent Tube To End Of A Metal Hose
  • 37° Flared Tube With Nut & Sleeve
  • Off The Shelf Tube Fitting Or Adapter
  • Tube Compression Fittings
  • Flared And Flareless Tube Fittings
Custom Tube Bending
Custom tube assemblies
Custom Hose Assemblies With Bent Tube

Precision Tube Bending 

Aero-Flex Corp specializes in high precision bent tube bending and the fabrication of full assemblies. Whether you need tube bent a specific way for you to finish in your own shop or a complete turn key assembly that is ready to install on to your aircraft or gas turbine out of the box, Aero-Flex is here and ready to help.

We provide high precision tube bending by using a variety of different methods. Tubes are bent by CNC machining mandrel bending, manual bending and roll bending machines. Furthermore we can bend a variety of materials including Stainless Steel tube, Nickel tube, Titanium tube, Aluminum tube not to mention other bendable materials in tube sizes ranging from 1/8″ up to 6″ OD. 

Custom Tube Assemblies
Precision Tube Bending

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