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Precision Tube Bending Services
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Aero-Flex Precision Tube Bending & Custom Assemblies

Why Choose Aero-Flex for Your Tube Assembly Needs?

When it comes to the fabrication of turn-key tube assemblies, Aero-Flex is the name to trust. With our expertise in precision tube bending services, we’ve got your needs covered. Aero-Flex has a rich history of providing top-notch bent tube assemblies. Whether it’s for space, aviation, power turbines, or simply for an industrial machinery piece, we deliver.

Choosing Aero-Flex isn’t just about getting a product; it’s about investing in a partnership. A partnership where your aspirations are molded, bent, and shaped into tangible solutions. Where your challenges meet our expertise, resulting in tube assemblies that aren’t just functional, but are masterpieces in their own right.

precision bent tube on gas turbine.

Aero-Flex Corp's Precision Tube Bending & Tube Assemblies

How Do We Ensure Precision in Tube Bending?

Our specialty lies in high-precision tube bending and assembly fabrication. Whether you’re looking for a specifically bent tube or a full-fledged assembly ready for your aircraft or turbine, we’re on standby to assist.

At Aero-Flex, we employ a gamut of techniques to ensure your tubes are bent with utmost precision:

  • CNC Bending
  • Mandrel bending
  • Manual bending
  • Roll bending machines

Moreover, we are adept at bending various materials such as Stainless Steel, Nickel, Titanium, Aluminum, and other malleable substances, catering to tube sizes from 1/8″ to 6″ OD.

Tailored Solutions for Aerospace and Industrial Needs

High precision and quality is paramount for aerospace and aircraft applications. Aero-Flex Corp. recognizes this, we adhere to the strict required including drawing notes, material traceability requirements, cleaning and NDT specifications and tolerances required for aerospace tube assemblies.

However, our knowledge and expertise doesn’t end there. Aero-Flex is equally proficient in serving the various industrial sectors such as gas turbines for power generation, oil and gas, and the shipping industry. We can customize each bent tube assembly exactly how you like it. We can even attach a bent tube to the end of one of our flexible metal hoses. We call this a hybris bent tube and metal hose assembly. With Aero-Flex Corp., rest assured, our expertise, attention to quality and precision is guaranteed!

Materials & Specifications: Customized to Your Needs

Your project drawings might stipulate a specific material or standard that needs to be followed. With Aero-Flex, you don’t have to worry. Whether it’s AMS, ASTM, or Mil-Spec tube specifications, or even if your needs deviate from industry norms, we can source the exact material you require. Furthermore, end connections can be custom machined or procured off-the-shelf in certain instances.

Depending on its intended application, we ensure all materials are appropriately sourced, be it aerospace hardware or industrial essentials. Aero-Flex can provide full traceability on all materials with Material Test Reports or MFG C of C in some aerospace instances. We can even separate the parts by heat number if required. Overall, material traceability and specifications are intricate parts of our AS9100D quality program and we follow it very closely.

End Connections: The Lifeline of Tube Assemblies:

Tube assemblies are more than just bent metals; they are intricate systems where each component plays a pivotal role. At the heart of these systems are end connections, holding everything together. Recognizing their significance, Aero-Flex offers a comprehensive suite of end connection options. But it’s not about quantity; it’s about providing solutions that resonate with the unique demands of your project.

  • AS, AN or MS Tube Fitting
  • Beam Seal Fittings
  • Custom CNC Machined Fitting By Aero-Flex
  • Weld Bent Tube To End Of A Metal Hose
  • 37° Flared Tube With Nut & Sleeve
  • Off The Shelf Tube Fitting Or Adapter
  • Tube Compression Fittings
  • Flared And Flareless Tube Fittings

Additional Services by Aero-Flex

After we’ve crafted your assembly, we don’t just stop there. Aero-Flex offers a spectrum of post-assembly services:

  • Heat Treatment
  • Stress Relief
  • Pressure Testing
  • NDT, including X-rays
  • Penetrant Inspection

For more details on how we can aid you in your next bent tube assembly endeavor, don’t forget to visit our Services page!

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